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TV Reportage: Ear plugs for equalising pressure

Many people suffer from considerable ear pain during landings. A small invention from Schwetzingen can prevent or relieve the pain. “einfach GENIAL" had tested this little device.

Many air passengers are aware of the problem:

The ear begins to ache while an aircraft starts to land. This is very unpleasant and often lasts long after the landing. The rapid changes in air pressure and a lack of pressure equalisation in the ear are the culprits. When there is air pressure on the ear, the ear drum gets stretched. This stretch is usually balanced by the so-called Eustachian tubes that are present behind the ear drum.

At first, the cabin pressure is lower than that on the ground during the cruise at high altitude. Now, when the aircraft starts its landing procedure, the pressure in the cabin increases quickly. If the Eustachian tubes are congested due to a cold or if they are too narrow anatomically, the pressure cannot be balanced sufficiently. The stretched ear drum then begins to pain.

The ear plugs should be left on in the ears for some time even after the landing.

Medical technologists from Schwetzingen have developed ear protection that is supposed to prevent or at least reduce such pain during the landing phase. A gold coloured metal element is present in the ear plugs, which has a fine barely visible 0.5 micrometre tube. When the cabin pressure increases, the fine tube allows this increased pressure to have only a weakened impact on the ear drum. This allows the Eustachian tubes more time to equalise the pressure before the eardrum stretches painfully. The ear plugs should remain in the ears for some time after landing, since a complete pressure balance is achieved gradually in the ear only after that.

The invention was tested by “Einfach Genial" in the pressure chamber of the Berliner Vivantes-Clinic in Berlin. The increase in pressure during the landing phase of an aircraft was simulated there. The simulation ran without pain for our testers. This result is also confirmed by the scientific studies by Charité in Berlin:

“During the study in the pressure chamber we found that the use of the ear plugs does not affect the Eustachian tubes, and that problems with pressure equalisation in suffering patients are reduced with the use of the ear plugs."

Dr. Dirk Jumah, Charité Berlin

The test result "Einfach Genial" is unequivocal: The small ear plugs from Schwetzingen prevent or alleviate ear pain suffered while an aircraft is landing.



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