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SkyComfort – First Class for your ears

Custom-made ear protection for flyers!


Boarding completed: We present the completely new concept in our ear protection portfolio - the SkyComfort ear moulds! The custom-made ear protection with special SANOHRA fly-pressure equalisation filter reduces loud noise volumes in the aircraft as well as disruptive turbine and engine noises. It also supports pain free pressure equalisation in the ear. It is still possible to converse and communicate with your travel companion and the announcements in the aircraft can be heard clearly. Ideal for frequent fliers and the travel-happy, who do not want to give up on the comfort of air travel.

Just heavenly!

The principle on which SkyComfort functions

The SkyComfort ear moulds contain a SANOHRA fly pressure equalisation filter. It was developed specially to regulate pressure changes of the environment in the ear. SkyComfort slows down the increase in pressure during the landing phase and thus provides the Eustachian tubes more time to adjust to the changes in pressure. Normally, the atmospheric pressure (N.N. – 0 m) is reached in 25 minutes while landing. The pressure reducing function of SkyComfort delays the calculated increase in pressure to 40 minutes. The SkyComfort ear moulds should therefore be inserted in the ear latest approx. 45 minutes before landing.



• Now also PSA certified

• Against ear pain during flights

• Optimal support for balancing pressure

• Maximum wearing comfort

• Pleasant noise reduction

• Easy to insert and remove

• Available exclusively in the color "Sky Blue"

• Easy to clean (e.g., with OtoVita®)

• Interchangeable SANOHRA fly pressure equalisation filter for many take-offs and landings

• Personalised SkyComfort ear molds available only at Dreve – worldwide!