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After a night at a loud club , concert, watching an exciting action film in a movie theatre with a high performance surround sound system, or a visit to the stadium with blaring songs to support the team, the ear finds peace with great difficulty and often rebels the next day with weird sounds and restricted hearing.


That is a warning signal! Everyone should use noise cancelling earplugs the next time they visit such an event. While strict legal regulations exist in the work area, each is left to fend for himself in personal life.

Without SANOHRA noise and musicians ear plugs


Sound levels often cross 100 dB at clubs, concerts, and often even at private parties. Studies show that ears are temporarily deafened due to such loud music even when exposed to short periods of time. This leads to the music being played even louder after an hour, which in turn further damages the ears.


To counteract irreversible deterioration of hearing and tinnitus, the ears should be protected from continuous sound volumes of over 85 dB even in private. However, the joy of music should not be sacrificed and therefore appropriate ear plugs should be used.

SANOHRA noise ear plugs insulates loud music or noise uniformly over the entire audible frequency range.



A pneumatic hammer generates a sound level of 100 dB even at a distance of 10 meters. This is so unpleasant, that we try to cover our ears when we pass by a construction site. Loud clubs or concerts reach a continuous sound level of 100 to 120 dB. The enjoyment of the music and the pleasure of participation repress the danger of this sound level.

Continuous exposure to noise levels above 85 dB leads to a disturbance in hearing even after a few hours. At the beginning soft notes are not sensed anymore. This in most cases is temporary. When the ear is subjected to such strain every week for several hours, it can lead to premature and permanent hearing impairment.


Where are they available?

SANOHRA noise ear plugs are available in two standard sizes:

for adults

for children up to 12 years

Adults with narrow ear canals should use the size meant for children. This should prevent any discomfort or pain associated with wearing a larger sized device.


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