Water protection

Spending an extended period of time in saline sea water or chlorinated swimming pools makes the skin of the auditory canal swell and may sometimes aid the growth of pathogens. Protecting the ears from the influx of water is important to ensure that the fun in water does not lead to bitter repentance or a painful inflammation of the auditory canal. SANOHRA® swim ear plugs offer ear protection during all types of swimming and water sport activities. Ear plugs are generally unsuitable for diving beyond a depth of 3 feet.


Even a little water in the auditory canal can be troublesome after a pleasant time in the water!

It becomes even worse when a small drop of water on the ear drum leads to restricted hearing or even triggers troubling sounds.

The four soft, flexible lamellas of SANOHRA swim reliably seal the auditory canal. Because of their special form the plugs “anchor” themselves to the auditory canal. SANOHRA swim ear plugs are also pleasant to wear over a longer period of time.

SANOHRA swim ear plugs



A healthy ear drum is closed air tight, to enable optimal transfer of sound waves to the sensory organs. Moreover, the ear drum protects the middle ear from the penetration of dirt, dust and aetiologic agents that could lead to inflammations.


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Where are they available?

SANOHRA fly ear plugs is available in two standard sizes:

for adults

for children up to 12 years

Adults with narrow ear canals should use the size meant for children. This should prevent any discomfort or pain associated with wearing a larger sized device.


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