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Water protection

Swimming without water in ear

  • Prevents water from getting into the ear
  • Protect the ear chanel while swimming and bathing
  • Easy to use and comfortable to wear

Waterproof Earplugs

In summer millions of tourist flock to the lakes or the sea to enjoy themselves to their hearts content or to engage in water sports. Add wind to the equation and surfers, wind surfers, kite surfers, or sailors get excited. All those who do not want to give up on swimming or even just relaxing in the water even in autumn or winter are drawn to the numerous swimming pools or leisure pools and spas.

How SANOHRA swim earplugs work

Spending an extended period of time in saline sea water or chlorinated swimming pools makes the skin of the auditory canal swell and may sometimes aid the growth of pathogens. Protecting the ears from the influx of water is important to ensure that the fun in water does not lead to bitter repentance or a painful inflammation of the auditory canal. SANOHRA® swim ear plugs offer ear protection during all types of swimming and water sport activities. Ear plugs are generally unsuitable for diving beyond a depth of 3 feet.

Even a little water in the auditory canal can be troublesome after a pleasant time in the water!

It becomes even worse when a small drop of water on the ear drum leads to restricted hearing or even triggers troubling sounds.

The four soft, flexible lamellas of SANOHRA swim reliably seal the auditory canal. Because of their special form the plugs “anchor” themselves to the auditory canal. SANOHRA swim ear plugs are also pleasant to wear over a longer period of time.

SANOHRA swim - easy to use

Please insert the SANOHRA swim ear plugs as recommended before bathing, swimming or showering. Children should use ear protection only as instructed and insert it in the ears only under adult supervision.

If a vent tube has been inserted for treating a middle ear infection, the doctor usually advises against bathing or swimming because water could reach the middle ear through the vent tube. This recommendation must be followed! In case of a less serious progression of the illness, bathing and swimming is possible with the use of ear plugs for swimming.

Any ear plugs can be lost in water while playing around and jumping in the water! Therefore, this should be avoided at all times for children with vent tubes.

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SANOHRA swim: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are SANOHRA swim earplugs waterproof?

SANOHRA swim seals the auditory canal against water and air. Many ENT and paediatricians therefore recommend SANOHRA swim. The recommendations of the doctors must be followed to prevent middle ear inflammation.

When should SANOHRA swim not be used?

In case the ear drum is ruptured, perforated or a vent tube has been inserted, the protective function of the ear drum is not assured anymore. It is important to prevent water in ear.

It is now important that no water enters the middle ear even while using the bath tub or the shower allowing pathogens to enter the middle ear cavity.

What should be considered when swimming with a tympanostomy tube?

Ear plugs are generally not suitable for diving. The continuously increasing water pressure from a depth of over 3 feet onwards would press the ear protection further in the auditory canal.

SANOHRA swim ear plugs can be reused!

Carefully rinse off the saline or chlorinated swimming pool water with clear water and let dry. The ear protection can also tolerate mild cleaners. Before reuse, it is necessary to check that the lamellas are undamaged (tears).

Your opinion is important to us. We look forward to learning of your experience with SANOHRA and how the ear protection was able to remedy your ear problems.


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